As Catholics, it is our privilege to participate in offering the Eucharistic sacrifice, and in receiving Holy Communion. But there are additional acts of devotion that help extend Christ's real presence among us. Such devotions are Benediction of the Blessed Sacrament and Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament.

Christ's promise is to be with us always (Matthew 28:20). The practice of reservation of the Blessed Sacrament arose early in the history of the Church. This was for the convenience of the sick --- that Holy Communion might be taken to them. People then began to sopntaneously gather in the Churches to pray and worship in the very presence of Christ. Later, because Christ's presence meant so much to them, they asked that the host be "exhibited" to them on a throne in a monstrance (an ornamental receptacle). Still later, prayers and songs were added, and the priest would bless the people with the sacred host enthroned in the monstrance.

Benediction and Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament are amazingly simple and beautifully proportioned acts of worship. We begin by contemplating God's presence in our midst. Most of the time we are busy talking or doing things or going places so that Christ hardly gets a chance to say anything to us. Contemplation means that we let God "soak into us."

Our Lady of Grace offers the following Adoration times (all are at St Agnes site):

Fridays after Mass (about 9:45am)
Last Wednesday of the month from 1 - 7pm, with a family hour of prayer and benediction from 6 - 7pm.

Additional Adoration* in surrounding Parishes:

Perpetual Adoration (24/7) St Joseph Church, 1005 3rd St, Bay City, MI
Wednesday 7pm through Friday 6pm**, St Paul (Ithaca) - no adoration 8/31-  9/2 due to Labor Day Holiday

Tuesdays: Sacred Heart (Mt Pleasant), after the Noon mass until 5pm
Wednesdays: St Mary's University Church (Mt Pleasant), 8am-7pm
                    St Alanasius (Harrison), 10am - 3pm
                    St Thomas Aquinas (Saginaw), 9am - 2pm
Thursdays: Sacred Heart (Gladwin), 1 - 6pm
Fridays: Following 8:30am Mass St Mary (Alma)

1st Friday of the month: Saint Brigid (Midland), after 8:30 mass until 1pm

*If you know of additional Adoration locations/times please contact Missy Skutt, to have them added to the list. 
**Starting 9/18, Adoration will go from Wednesday after the 6pm Mass until Saturday 9am.