CHRISTIAN SERVICE                  

Oh, God, when I have food, help me to remember the hungry; when I have work, help me to remember the  jobless; when I have a warm home, help me to remember the homeless; When I am without pain, help me to remember those who suffer; And remembering, Help me to destroy my complacency and bestir my compassion.  Make me concerned enough to help, by word and deed, those who cry out for what we take for granted.

We need your help. If you like to stitch, knit, crochet or tie then this Blanket ministry is for you. Click HERE for more information.

Our Goal

To bring the healing hand of Christ to those in need, the prophetic voice of the prophets to those in power, and the Gospel message of love, justice, and peace to an often suffering world.

Our Membership is made up of Representatives of Various Working Groups:
  • Rosemary Lancaster, Chairperson
  • Fr. Dan Fox, Pastor
  • Ken Lancaster, Handy Helpers Liaison
  • Kathy Nogaski, Midland County Pantry Coordinator & Secretary
  • Jan Oldani
  • Kathy Ranck, Women's Guild Liaison and Pastoral Council Liaison
  • Marybeth Stuart, Education Liaison 
  • Anne Stube
  • Rita Wilcox, Gladwin County Pantry Coordinator
  • Donna Wissmueller, Parish Health Liaison
Roles & Relationships
Our Christian Service Commission provides direction and coordination for social ministry efforts of the parish. Some groups and services under the umbrella of social ministry include:
  • Emergency Need Referrals
  • Home/Hospital Visitation
  • Inter-Parish Hospitality
  • Outreach to the Poor
  • Outreach to the Elderly
  • Transportation
  • Respect Life Activities
  • Peace & Justice Initiatives
  • Information for Healthy Lives


Our Lady of Grace Christian Service Commission coordinates the efforts of the parish to serve those with needs, to advocate for social justice and to educate the parish in the social teachings of the Church.

Do you ever wonder who prays over the list of loved ones in our bulletin every week? Ideally, everyone! But there is an official Prayer Chain established in our parish that consists of parishioners who cover this list with prayer on a regular basis. We welcome YOU to join the Prayer Chain! We use email to notify everyone when a name is added to the list (not all are listed in the bulletin). We strive to keep it simple so there are no lengthy phone calls or details - just pray for someone in need.

Please contact Marcia in the office.


Christian Service


Handy Helpers   

Our mission is to serve the elderly in our parish and community with tasks they are no longer able to perform or afford. If you, or someone you know, has a need, please call Ken Lancaster at 989-284-5312. 

Parish Health 

Blood pressure checks are provided the first Saturday of each month following Mass at St. Anne and the second Sunday of each month following both Masses at St. Agnes. 

Card Ministry

One of the ways we keep connected to our home-bound parishioners is through weekly mailings of cards. If your family would like to volunteer to make cards and pray for the receivers of your cards please contact Deb @      687-5657 ext. 4. Your commitment would be for 2-                                 3 weeks of the year.


The Stitch-n-Chat group collects handmade items for donation to local charities.  If you sew, knit or crochet and want to find a home for baby blankets, hats, scarves and mittens for people of all ages, dishcloths, afghans, fidget blankets (for memory care patients), adult bibs, slippers for people of all ages, prayer shawls, etc. 

If you are home-bound, we have yarn we can drop off to you and would be happy to pick up the finished items. 

Questions? Marybeth @ 687-5657 ext. 4