The word "evangelization" means, literally, "communication of the gospel," the spreading of the good news of Jesus Christ. It is an ongoing endeavor to grow in our own faith and commitment to Jesus Christ, to share our faith with others and invite them into our faith community, and to work with all people of good will to transform society with the values of Christ.

When we evangelize, we explain the truths of the Catholic faith and invite people to consider them. We offer them a welcome into the house that God built for them. This can mean connecting with one another, inviting those who have fallen away from the faith or extending ourselves to those who have never known the faith at all. 

The Evangelization Commission is a sub-committee of the Education & Formation Commission. 

As a commission, our goals are:
  • Further the experience of fellowship and connectiveness in our parish
  • Foster a culture of inclusion and invitation
  • Cultivate a spirit of evangelization

Current Members

Please feel free to contact one of the members of the Evangelization Commission: 
  • Patty Corey
  • Ruth Diebold
  • Sue Fisk
  • Dawn Mayer
  • Judy Dunham 


July 20, 2017