The Our Lady of Grace Youth Group welcomes all high 
school teens to come learn, discover and practice their faith. We meet in the rectory classroom Sunday mornings between Masses (approx. 9:30-10:45am) Our program incorporates catechesis, Bible study, service, retreats and fun.  

Catechesis - The four year program is based on the four pillars of the Catechism - the Creed, Liturgy & Sacraments, Moral Living and Prayer. This is accomplished through both traditional catechesis and bible study. It our hope that by teaching the beliefs, devotions and practices of our faith our teens will come to love God, the Church and one another.                                                              
 – There are many opportunities for the teens to live out their faith in service to both the Church and the community. We encourage the teen to be active participants in the Mass by careful attention and listening and through service in the ministries of altar server, lector, usher or Extraordinary Ministers of Eucharist. We also encourage their involvement and participation in the community activities afterwards. As Christians we have been blessed with so many gifts and talents and it is our duty to share those gifts with others. It is our hope and the goal of our endeavors that the teens recognize the face of Jesus in everyone they meet.

Retreats – Throughout the year there will be many opportunities for the teens to meet others within the diocese of Saginaw (MACY) and the nation (NCYC & March for Life) with the same beliefs and values. These retreats allow them to expand on their faith in ways not able to be offered in a church setting and provide solidarity with other young Catholics.

Fun – A few times within the year there will be opportunities “just for fun,” such as tubing,scavenger hunts, etc., to show the teens that “fun” can be had in wholesome Christian ways.

If you have any questions or would like to join, please contact

Deb McGraw                         OR                Laura Scheibert

Youth Minister                                                    Director of Religious Education/Youth Ministry           

687-567 ext. 4                                                   687-5657 ext. 2   


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