Facilities Committee

The Facilities Committee helps ensure the parish's grounds and buildings are functional, attractive, and well-maintained.

Membership: The committee is composed of members with expertise in construction trades, maintenance, safety and project planning. One person on the committee serves on Pastoral Council and there are approximately 9 meetings per year. Members are asked to commit to a three year term and may serve up to two consecutive terms.

The key activities of the committee include:

  • Provide for the proper maintenance, upkeep and beautification of parish buildings and grounds.

  • Annually inspect buildings and grounds and make recommendations for improvement and repair.

  • Review recommendations made by the regular safety inspections by the provincial insurance carrier.

  • Update the video inventory of all parish equipment and furnishings.

Current members: Tom Plachta, Pat Corey, Jim Rodgers, Kelly Sargent, Elmer Tappen

Contact: Tom Plachta - tomplachta31@gmail.com