Liturgical Ministers

Dear Ministers,

I pray you and your families have all been safe and caring for each other. We are only able to seat 175 people with social distancing.

People should wear mask and there will be some available in case they don’t have one.

The main entrance (back vestibule) will be the only doors open.

Ushers: We are going to two ushers, one will count and the other will help people find seats. You may need to ask people to let others get into the pew, people have to set in the middle of the pews. The tape on pew back indicates a 6ft space. We have put out a few chairs and people will need to leave a chair or two between each group. Please be there promptly at ½ hr before Mass begins to start counting.

Readers: We are using only 1 reader, you may be seated in the servers chair if you wish between the readings. There is no procession in. The Reader listed will read both readings and petitions.

Extraordinary Ministers – There will be one Extraordinary Minster along with Fr. Dan distributing Communion. There is no Sacred Blood being distributed.

Altar Servers – No servers are needed at this time until Fr. evaluates the Mass.

If you have any questions or are interested in serving in a ministry, please contact Kathy at 989-687-5657 ext. 1 or

Thank you for your ministry,

Kathy Ranck

Extraordinary Ministers Schedule

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June 27.pdf

Daily Mass Schedule

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July 2021.pdf