Liturgical Ministers

Dear Ministers,

Please scroll down to see the Extraordinary Minister's Schedule and the Daily Lector's Schedules.

Names from the Book of the Living are only to be read on Nov. 1st and the weekend of Nov. 2/3. We read just the names of those who have died this past year, so everyone hears them at each Mass.

If you have a conflict with Christmas please contact me and I will get a replacement. I need to be sure all ministries are covered for the upcoming holy season. Ushers for the 4:30pm Mass on Christmas Eve should be here by 3:00 if at all possible as we have music for 1 hr. before Mass begins.

Thank you for your ministry.

Kathy Ranck

If you have any questions or are interested in serving in a ministry, please contact Kathy at 989-687-5657 ext. 1 or

Extraordinary Ministers Schedule

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Daily Mass Lector Schedule

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