Liturgical Ministers

Dear Ministers,

All Readers – we will be going back to you carrying in the Book of the Gospels, place it on the altar then go to your pew. You will not be sitting in the server’s chair even if there is only 1 server at that Mass. Since you will be going back and forth for the readings we ask that you sit near the front. It takes too long when you are in the back, also come right up when Fr. is reading the introductions. Do not wait for him to finish.

St. Agnes EMHC – 1 minister to go up to the middle next to Fr. The wings will come up first then the main body. We ask that you continue to use the hand sanitizer. Mask are optional.

St. Agnes Ushers – 1 Usher at each door and continue to count. Hand out missalettes and bulletins. For the offertory 1 Usher goes up the center aisle and hands a basket to each side. The other Usher will go to one wing and then go to the other wing. If you can find someone to bring up the gifts ok if not you can bring them up. For communion let the wings come out to the front first then the main body.

St. Anne EMHC and Ushers – EMHC 1 in the middle with Fr. Please use hand sanitizer. Mask are optional. Ushers go up the center aisle for the offertory and communion.

Servers – limited number so if you know of anyone who might be interested let me know.

We are hopeful more people will return and we will evaluate our practices and any diocesan directives as we go.

Thank you for your help with all the Ministries.


Extraordinary Ministers Schedule

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Daily Mass Schedule

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