PreK-8th Grade

With our current need to social distance and protect the health of the vulnerable among us, this new year of Faith Formation will look different for at least the first few months.

Please register your Kindergarten through 12th Grade students for Faith Formation with the link below. Laura will reach out to you to make arrangements to get your student's new materials to you and help with setting up their virtual class.

Questions or concerns? Contact Laura at 687-5657 ext. 2 or

How to Talk to Children and Teens about COVID-19

Below is a link to a resourse for parents and teachers from 23rd Publications on how to talk to children and teens about COVID - 19

2020/2021 class meeting dates:

  • Classes meet from 9:30-10:45am

Dates will be posted once we are able to resume in-person classes.


Parents …you are the single greatest influence on the spiritual and religious life of your children. Nothing else even comes close. If you live the faith inside and outside of your home, your children have the greatest opportunity to do the same. In the spiritual and Religious development of children, parents are more important than anything else, including peers and media. We are committed to supporting parents and families in living their faith inside and outside of their homes.