Sacrament Prep

At Our Lady of Grace Parish, we celebrate First Reconciliation, and First Holy Communion in the 2nd grade. Receiving a Sacrament for the first time is an incredible event that calls for an extra measure of prayer and preparation. 

This is a very busy year for our 2nd graders and their parents. We highly encourage attendance in our Faith Formation program. In addition the children along with their parents and sponsors (if possible) will be required to attend 3 Sacrament Prep evenings.  During the Prep-evenings, children and parents/guardians will work together to creatively and reverently understand more profoundly these beautiful sacraments, while at the same time preparing for what to expect when they celebrate and receive the sacraments.

 For additional information, please contact Laura at (989) 687-5657 ext. 2 or 

Congratulations to our First Communicants

Front Row: Elliott Behring, Owen Behring, Sage Lang, Reggie Lang, Lucy Soderberg, Dani Burgess. 

Back Row: Brady Krahner, Christian Burgess, Regan Burgess, Holly Solmonson, Keelie Dutcher

2023/24 Sacrament Prep and Sacrament Dates

The schedule for the Sacrament Preparation Classes for your Child(ren) has been confirmed.  A light meal will be provided for each session. These sessions are intended for the parents and child, but the whole family is welcome.  

The dates are as follows:

Tuesday, January 30          6:30pm-8pm

Tuesday, February 20       6:30pm-8pm

Tuesday, March 19             6:30pm-8pm

Sunday, April 21,                 5:00pm Whole Family Meal/Retreat

Sunday, May 5                      First Eucharist at 11:00am Mass

Dress Code

For First Eucharist:

Girls: Please wear a light colored or white dress. Veils are optional

Boys: Please wear navy or black dress pants and a white shirt. Ties and jackets are optional