Because apart from the Wild Goose there is no life. The Wild Goose was a term that the ancient Celts had for the Holy Spirit.

The Wild Goose Project is a simple attempt to invite Catholic Christians into a more profound life giving relationship with the Holy Spirit. This is a relationship marked by the love of God which breathes life into our daily existence. The Holy Spirit is not merely something relegated to Confirmation but the Spirit desires a relationship with us that will take us on the greatest adventure imaginable; a journey to the very Heart of God. The Holy Spirit desires to be present to us in a manner that brings light out of darkness, freedom out of bondage, order out of chaos and life out of death.

Such is the power of the Wild Goose.

Join Fr. Dave Pavonka, TOR, in this incredible 14 part video series which is awakening God’s love and transforming power in the hearts of all who participate. Discover the Holy Spirit who has been revealed to us by Jesus Christ and who leads us to our heavenly Father. This adventure consists of Fr. Dave speaking on an attribute of the Holy Spirit, a practical application on how to respond to the Holy Spirit and testimonies of people from across the country whose lives have been impacted by the Spirit of God.

You have 4 sessions to choose from

Starting Wednesday September 5: 9:45am at St. Anne

9:45am at St. Agnes

7:00pm at St. Agnes

Starting Sunday October 7: 9:30am at St. Agnes (between the Masses)

Got Questions? Call Marybeth or Deb at 989-687-5657 ext. 4

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