Welcome to the parish community of Our Lady of Grace Parish and thank you for the opportunity to work with you in your decision to marry.  The Sacrament of Marriage is seen as a call from God to a man and woman to share in, and reflect together in a unique way, God’s love for each of us. This has been prepared to aid you in the preparation stage of your wedding celebration. We hope that it proves helpful. If you should have any questions, please feel free to contact us.   In the beginning …

Contact the office to ensure the date you desire is available. Schedule your rehearsal date as well as your wedding date to avoid conflicts in regards to the use of the church. This should be done at least six (6) months prior to the date you wish to marry. At that time you should also ensure that you let our secretary know if you would like to use Class Room 2 in the hall as a changing room for the groom and his party (the bride and her attendants use the cry room) and if you'd like to set up some snacks in the hall. Make arrangements to meet with Father at that time as well.

Preparation consists of three phases:

1.     Initial meeting with Father. 

2.   Participation in pre-marriage instruction.  Please call the office 6-12 months in advance. Pre-Cana classes and a Marriage Workshop (TBA) are required.

3.   Completing any needed paperwork and planning for the liturgy itself.

If you were not baptized within Our Lady of Grace parish, a baptismal certificate must be obtained from the church where your baptism took place. These certificates must be dated within six (6) months prior to your wedding. If the bride or groom is not Catholic and was baptized in another church, please provide a certificate documenting your baptism and bring it to one of your sessions.     


Ceil Duley, our Music Director, will gladly assist you in your selection of music and help you arrange for instrumentalists and cantors.  She will review the selections for your marriage liturgy.  Please contact her at least three (3) months prior to your wedding. The fee for her service is $125.00, due at your initial meeting.

 Music selections need to be finalized one (1) month prior to your wedding.

Food & Drink                      

Out of respect for our place of worship and the sacred covenant of marriage, all are requested to refrain from beer or alcohol on the day of the wedding prior to the ceremony.  Please, no alcohol on church grounds. 

If you plan to have snacks and beverages available prior to the ceremony, please let our secretary know so that tables are available in the hall for your use. Please be mindful of the one hour Eucharistic fast.

Dressing Rooms

Our cry room is used as a dressing room for the bride and her attendants (there are drapes for privacy).  Class Room 2, in the hall, may be used by the groom and groomsmen.  Please have someone be sure these rooms are picked up after use.

Liturgy & Church Decor

Readers, Ushers and, for a Nuptial Mass, Eucharistic Ministers may all be selected by the bride and groom.  If you wish someone in particular to be a server, please let the celebrant know.

Tasteful decoration of the church for your wedding is up to your selection. Please review with our Liturgy Coordinator as to the number of arrangements that fit well within the space.


Because the Sacrament of Reconciliation begins at 3:00 pm on Saturdays, the latest we are able to schedule a wedding is 1:00 on that day. The church needs to be empty by 2:30. 

Any convenient time is acceptable on Friday evenings.

Photographer/ Videographer

Your wedding liturgy is first and foremost a sacrament. Pictures are valuable mementos but the taking of them shouldn't become the central focus. We ask that once the ceremony begins, the photographer not move about the sanctuary, as it distracts the participants and the guests. Please ask the photographer to not take pictures during the readings. Staging of pictures can occur outside the context of the Liturgy, before or after, providing the church is not scheduled for use. 

Videotaping is permitted. It is suggested that the videographer attend the rehearsal so that he/she can get a general idea of the flow of the ceremony and know where to set up. Please have the equipment set up in one place and left there throughout the ceremony.

Contact Information

All of the following personnel can be reached at 687-5657 unless otherwise noted.  Follow the prompts for their individual extensions.

Pastor: Father Daniel J. Fox, OFM, Cap.

Liturgy Coordinator: Kathy Ranck   

Marriage Prep: Dave & Marguerite Schrader  

Music Director: Ceil Duley                  

Secretary: Marcia Kosnik                    


_____ Wedding and rehearsal dates confirmed. Church, hall, Room 2 and Cry Room reserved

_____ Meet with Father

_____ Pre-Cana sessions attended

_____ Liturgy planned

_____ Diocesan paperwork completed

_____ Baptismal certificates obtained – within 6 months of wedding date

_____ Meet with Liturgy Coordinator regarding flowers and décor at least 3 months prior to                         wedding date

_____ Meet with Music Director – at least 3 months prior to wedding date

_____ Final music approved – 1 month prior to date

_____ Marriage license taken to church office – 2 weeks prior to wedding date

_____ Designate a person to be responsible for removing your items from church and dressing                    rooms                                                      

and finally....

 A customary practice is to make a donation to the church for the wedding ceremony and care of the sacred space. If your means can provide, we gratefully accept. The normal gift is $300.00.

If you would like to make a ministry stipend to the celebrant, the normal donation is $150.00.